My services are structured to provide you the information and guidance you need to feel better. I see clients both in person and virtually – by phone or internet video conferencing. Changing the way you eat is a journey. I’m excited to take the journey with you.

I work best with people who are:

  • Curious
  • Enjoy continuous learning
  • Are committed to improving their health
  • Are ready to takes the steps necessary to feel their best.

Optimal Eating Package

This package is for you if you want to understand:

  • How your body uses food
  • How to use food to stay healthy for as long as possible

This program provides:

  • Personalized eating recommendations
  • Understanding of the “why” behind your personalized recommendations
  • Personalized quick and easy ways, including recipes, to eat healthier every day

The five sessions include:

  • One foundation session that includes a review of your health and nutrition assessment, prioritization of your concerns and questions, and a foundation for the information that will be covered in the following sections
  • Four, 50 minute follow-up sessions. Each follow-up session focuses on finding out what’s working and what needs to be fine-tuned from previous sessions and addressing one of the topics below:
    • Using food for Inflammation management and supporting your body’s natural detoxification systems
    • Including the right amounts of high-quality fats in your diet as well as balancing Omega’s in your diet
    • Managing insulin and blood sugar
    • Building and maintaining a healthy gut

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Integrative & Functional Nutrition Package

This package is for you if you want to work with me to discover and address the underlying reason for health issues.

The program provides:

  • A comprehensive health and nutrition history to begin the process of uncovering the why behind why you know you don’t feel your best
  • Specific, personalized recommendations based on your needs to support your body’s natural processes and healing
  • Recipes and maps to help translate the recommendations to food on your plate so you can easily incorporate the recommendations into real food

The five sessions include:

  • An initial session that includes review of your comprehensive health and nutrition history assessment. In this session we prioritize the issues and decide how to move forward. This may include additional functional medicine tests that are frequently necessary to dig deeper into the underlying causes of why you don’t feel well. We work together to determine how to change your food to support your health and determine which, if any supplements may be needed
  • Four, 50 minute follow-up sessions


  • The cost of this package does not include testing that may be required
  • More than five sessions may be needed

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Additional Follow-up Sessions

Additional sessions can be added to any of the above packages. Follow-up sessions can be used for:

  • Additional office meetings
  • Refrigerator and pantry clean-out
  • Grocery store tour

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